House 2 House - for Cash Cleaning Runs


House to House Management Software eg. Cleaning Services

  • Shared hosting, RBAC, Gocardless, Google Translate

  • Postcode->Street->House->Daily Clean->Google Maps->Revenue

  • Costcode category->Costsubcategory->Cost->Total costs

  • Annual Revenue Sheet

  • Multi-language if converting 800 sentences using the Google Translate Module.

  • Multi-divisions. Database 0 Administrator. Databases 1 to 10. Subdivisions

  • Direct debit mandates through Gocardless.

  • Ideal for window cleaning or cleaning cash based businesses.

  • InfoWindow of Houses to be cleaned on Google Map

  • >= Php 7.1, Yii 2.0.35. Tested on Php 7.4.7

  • v1.0.0 - Released 14 May 2020

  • v1.0.1 - Released 24 May 2020

This repository has been archived on Github as from August 2020. The simplified version is currently being maintained on github.

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rossaddison в 20:01:07, 24 thg 5, 2020

v1.0.1 Released

New features

rossaddison в 09:56:25, 7 thg 6, 2020

Houses to be cleaned features on Google Street Map for each Postcode

rossaddison в 11:48:23, 14 thg 6, 2020

Tree View created for the Postcode->Street->House structure

rossaddison в 00:33:10, 12 thg 7, 2020

Streets can be sorted by means of Sjaakp/yii2-sortable-behavior's drag and drop A non-paginated list of all streets can be sorted by simply dragging and dropping. When the page is refreshed the new order or sequence is shown.

More mobile-phone friendly condensed houses list. An abbreviated version of views/product/index.php has been copied to condensed.php. All columns not normally accessed in a hands on working environment are excluded by visible = false command.

rossaddison в 11:12:47, 24 thg 9, 2020

Simplified version:

  • One database.
  • No subscription module through Paypal.
  • Php 7.4.9
  • Yii2 version 2.38
  • One user/administrator
rossaddison в 13:36:53, 4 thg 5, 2021

Invoicing System incorporated:

  1. Creates email templates allowing for the input of field information.
  2. Uses modified pdf templates normal, overdue, and paid.
  3. Archives pdfs when the email is sent.
  4. Allows for attachments to the email and keeps record of these attachments in the database.
  5. Allows a multilanguage interface in the settings section.

Php 7.4.9 Yii2 version 2.41.1 mySql 5.7.31 Chrome Apache Netbeans

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