Rijden de Treinen is Dutch and literally translates to ‘Are the trains running?’. Rijden de Treinen is an independent website with travel information and background information about the Dutch railway network.

An important part of Rijden de Treinen is the information about the current service status on the Dutch railways. Users can see current service disruptions, planned engineering works, live departure times for all Dutch railway stations, or use the journey planner to plan a journey to or within the Netherlands. Last, but not least, Rijden de Treinen provides independent information about train tickets in the Netherlands.

The website is built using Yii 2.0 and is divided in three main sections: frontend (the website you can see), backend (the administration panel) and API (which powers the Android app and various other external systems). Using Yii's translation system, the website is offered in both Dutch and English.

Other techniques used:

  • MySQL database
  • Vue.js 2 for journey planner and live departures
  • Webpack for frontend asset management
  • REST API (JSON based) for external apps
  • Redis queue for processing service updates

Rijden de Treinen is a very popular website in the Netherlands, thousands of travellers depend on Rijden de Treinen every hour of the day for accurate and realtime travel information.

Phiên bản Yii: 2.0

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