STC Sales Force


project (version 1.0) based on Multi-Tenant for Saudi Telecom Company using #Yii2

System Consist of 3 layers

  1. System Administration
  2. Vendor Company
  3. Subcontractor Companies

VENDOR COMPANY City managers Managers etc.

City managers can assign unlimited tasks/plates to the Subcontractor Companies Regional mangers using google maps (as showing in attached photo)

SUBCONTRACTOR COMPANIES Every company Can create/manage there Owen teams/tasks/tickets

  1. Company Admins
  2. Company PM's
  3. Regional Managers
  4. Supervisors
  5. Sales Agents
  6. Back office agents

Company can create unlimited teams and back-offices

Every team must have back-office to receive sales order

Sales person will use the mobile applications (ios. android) to create new sales or update tasks System will dynamically assign those tickets to back office agents

and many more ...

Phiên bản Yii: 2.0

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sovathchhinh в 16:27:08, 29 thg 12, 2017

such an interesting project bro, i am not sure if i can take it to use for my non profit project or not. Thanks in advance.

engr.arslanbutt в 12:03:40, 28 thg 2, 2018

Contact me on Skype: engr.arslanbutt or email me at

kh-rawasy в 03:09:13, 10 thg 6, 2021

I want to get STC Sales Force project For my graduation project at university can you help me

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