Spinitron v2



Spinitron v2

Spinitron has been handling the playlists of college and community radio stations (most in USA) since 2003. More than 200 radio stations use it to log the music they play on the radio, publish it online, and push live updates to other systems. It's also serves for schedule management, DJ profiles, general station record keeping, and copyright compliance reporting. New features coming soon include traffic management a new audience engagement tools.

Spinitron v2 is a rewrite of Spinitron using Yii 2.0 and a new database schema that will allow us to build new services that analyze, monitor, mine the aggregate data flowing through the system. We are now (Feb 2017) beginning beta tests of v2 with selected stations.

Besides Yii 2.0, Spinitron uses

  • MariaDB 10 with Galera cluster
  • PHP 7
  • Nginx
  • Sphinx Search Engine 2.2
  • ReactPHP for custom servers
  • Ratchet for WebSocket-based interactive chat

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