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Empower Youth Foundation is a Social Reengineering initiative working Towards Development and Overall Fulfillment of Humankind Potential. Our Motto is “Empowering Youth & Going Beyond”

Our education system is failing and there is no major changes that are being made to make sure that ratify the situation. Its predicted that 85% of the most In Demand Jobs of 2030 do not even exist today or have just started emerging but our education system is still back dated and is nowhere fulfilling Today’s demand so we cannot even imagine of sustaining the demand of the Future. At Empower Youth one of the biggest problem that we are trying to solve is Skill Development and Unemployment. Through our various Initiatives such as Free Learning Corner Aggregation and review of Training & Educational Institutes we are trying to make sure that the modern student is better informed about these services and is able to see what Right career path for him could be and his future look like. We are also in development organizing fund raisers and Scholarship spaces.

Along with that we are focusing on Empowering SME Sector which ultimately helps in Providing Job Opportunities to the Youth.

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gchirag20 at 23 lip 2020, 16:07:02

A great integrated plattform for career development.

sizzlysk at 23 lip 2020, 16:14:31

its a great career product built with yii2 framework , it has uses the yii2 powers beyond the limits ,

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