Yii2 Fast Ready Advanced App Template



Yii2 Fast Simple Advanced App Yii2-app is Fast and Ready-to-production advanced project template.

Default, the template includes three tiers: frontend, backend, and console, each of which is a separate Yii application.


  • Admin template: yiister/yii2-gentelella, Demo
  • Yii2 User: dektrium/yii2-user (login adminus, password adminus)
  • Frontend and Backend User Controllers are filtered (by dektrium/yii2-user)
  • Redis cache (you may change to DB-cache, but dont forget apply migration)
  • Yii2 queue (DB table queue) with backend (/queuemanager/default/index) using ignatenkovnikita/yii2-queuemanager
  • Log DB Target with backend (/log/index)
  • UrlManagerFrontend for backend app (all url rules in file frontend/config/urls.php, hostInfo in common/config/params.php)
  • i18n translations in common/messages with config
  • ContactForm in frontend app is improved: himiklab/yii2-recaptcha-widget, all email are saved to DB (common/models/EmailForm Model), optionally send message to Viber messenger via bot (install requirements and config, uncomment code in Model)
  • postcss config

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