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A brand new online faxing solution comes from Belarus. It is easy and handy and gives huge set of abilities which are not available in an ordinary fax machine. Also our solution gives very nice pricing and plans as for single-time senders as for companies which send or receive huge number of pages per month. Service has free API for integration into external services and nice offers for corporate customers. byFax allows not only to send a fax - we offer virtual fax numbers in 30+ countries all over the world to receive faxes. Every new customer has a free ability to test our service in both directions. Send a fax with byFax is as easy as send or receive en email.

We use Yii 2 on public site, customer portal and in core and API. On front we also use VueJS and async queues based on yii2-queue deep in backend.

Yii Version: 2.0

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samdark at Nov 30, 2020, 12:39:20 PM

Looks cool but I wonder who uses fax when there's an email?

byFax at Nov 30, 2020, 5:28:18 PM

Thank you for you comment !

Oh you cant believe, but we have not bad fax-documents traffic in BY, RU, UA and.... in USA, Japan and Europe countries. In USA and Japan fax is still on and they send huge number of documents. And there are many very powerfull competitors in USA, couple of years DropBox bought HelloFax, eFax purchased many small competitors in EU... Esker still transferrs millions (!!!) fax-pages a day, it is the most powerfull player on this market.

Let me stop because I can talk about it for hours :)

byFax at Nov 30, 2020, 5:34:27 PM

Btw, Yii shows itself very good in our project - fast and solid. Easy to work with it and implement our functionality and obtain very nice API-requests timings. Special thanks to yii2-queue, but we had to extend it a lot for our needs, even so it was a great job as well as the entire Yii :)

Thanks alot for all the entire Yii team !!

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