MenaPro is a hybrid between a cms and a pagebuilder. You can create advanced layouts in seconds at the same time you put content on it.

It has been designed to be as fast as possible. Also features a news system so you can create a website with a microblog.


*You can create a fully functional and responsive site in less than an hour. * Have an installer included

Is open source, so is free.

It comes with all things needed in a website:

  • Rich text editor
  • Galleries
  • Sliders
  • Icons
  • Videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion
  • News system (or blog)
  • Lists with icon
  • Google Maps
  • Call to action block

Everything is visual. You haven´t

MenaPro is available on packagist, so you can run composer create-project menaprocms/menapro --prefer-dist

Source Code

Yii Version: 2.0

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