Description CMS on the Yii2 framework for creating blogs and online stores.

Allows you to manage site content from the backend part of the application and customize the output for an individual design on the frontend.

Built-in module I18n, allowing you to connect any languages and manage translation.

Configured RBAC and management roles, permissions and rules.

Geo module is connected to get countries, regions and cities of the world, as well as information about them.

It is possible to export the entire database to CSV format and use it as a backup.

A file manager is connected. A user with permission ‘main/manage/files-manager’ can manage the site online.

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Priyank Acharya at Jun 13, 2019, 7:40:34 AM

This one is far more better than other one, It has many good funtionality. Thanks for sharing this with others.

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