College registration system & phone phone repairs


This is a collection of a college and phone repairs system for beginners. This features inludes,

  • Auto Suggest DropDown Search - Citys Model
  • Adding Classes to Rows in the GridView - Countys, Citys, Branches, Units Booked By Students Model
  • Ajax Search With the GridView (By using Pjax ) - Authors, Branches, Book Models etc
  • Batch Insert - Insert multiple models - Members, Student Games Model
  • Calender & Events Planner - Events Model
  • Checkbox - Members model
  • Complex forms (multiple models) - Jobs Model,
  • DatePicker in the Filter Field GridviewSearch filters - Citys Model
  • Date Pickers - Members, JobsMembers, Branches, Book Models etc
  • Default sorting - BranchesSearch, MembersSearch Model, Rbac (/rbac/index-members) - Sort by Branch_name (SORT_DESC), date_created (SORT_ASC), fullName (SORT_ASC) and searching on related data
  • File Upload (Multiple file Uploader) - Images, Companies model
  • Global Search - Citys Model
  • Getting Values From a Table Using Ajax - Jobs, Citys, Payments, StudentGames, Members Model
  • Hidden inputs - Jobs , Members Model
  • Kartik Date Picker - Jobs, Members Model
  • ListBox - Members model
  • Layouts - Change the theme by designing a layout and specifying the layout in the controller. Check Controller /site/login. The layout is in /views/loginLayout.php
  • Modal Forms (Popup) - Branches, Jobs - payment models
  • Option Box - Members model
  • Option boxes - Jobs Model
  • Popup windows for Forms - Branches Model, Jobs Models
  • Registration and Login - Members and JobsMembers models. Features include (Menus->List A Members)
    • Default username:: admin - password:: admin
    • The admin is initialised after changing their passwords from admin
    • The user can reset their passwords by entering their email addresses
    • Resetting password - Members model
    • Serial No verification - After logging in , a serial prompt screen is shown requiring a serial. sample serial codes are in codes table. The inputed serial is checked against that set in this table and if correct the code_valid and code_verified are flagged (companies model.)
    • Scenarios
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) - Using the yii2 vendor database tables auth_assignmeent, auth_item, auth_item_child, auth_rule you can Assign User Permissions with a checkbox to grant access/deny access to the five basic controller actions namely (Index, View, Delete, Add, Edit). The Authmanager must be configured in the config file (/config/web.php) as DbManager. Intialise Rbac by running rbac/init in the Menu (List C->Rbac->Initialise Rights). To assign rights, select the member from List C->Rbac->Members, the assign by checking all the rights you wish to grant. You can add more controller actions in config file (/config/params) rbacControllerActions parameter. Controllers that arent be available for rights allocation should be listed in the /config/param.php - omittedControllers parameter. Check the implementation in Authors controller. This sub Menu is only avalailable for The Admin who should be logged in
  • Static dropdown generated from Arrays - Countys Model
  • Sending email - JobsMembers, Members, Companies Model
  • Sending sms messages - Jobs Model - After saving a job, an sms receipt is sent to the clients phone if their is an internet connection or later when the internet connection is alive
  • Setting and getting Cookies - Cookies model, \views\Branches\cookies=> Dynamic/Static dropdowns - Authors, Members, Jobs, Branches, Citys, Countys, Phone, Companies, Models etc
  • Submitting Forms Using Ajax - Branches Models
  • Tabular editable forms with or without Activeform - Book - indexExample1 and IndexExample4, MarksMaster - MarksDetails models

Source Code

Yii Version: 2.0

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mjahkoh at Jan 10, 2019, 12:53:25 AM

Ideal for beginners

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