Victoria City Lahore


Presentation Victoria City is adding new principles of life for individuals of Lahore. Victoria City Lahore The proprietors of this city holds a few administrations (investments and residency). With a broad involvement with the real estate industry, the gathering of Victoria City fabricate various residential projects. Hence, the proprietor bunch stands apart among the other real estate manufacturers who are known as "Sheranwala Group". The latest project of Sheranwala Group is situated at the Multan Road and principally on Canal Road with the name as Victoria City Lahore.

Location guide of Victoria City Lahore Lahore is the most populated city of Punjab and yet the most brilliant in Pakistan serving the best food quality, wide yet bustling street organizations, and investment and residential open doors. Victoria City Lahore is the new housing project in Lahore created by the standards of current and luxury developments. Sheranwala Group is offering residential and commercial open doors on simple portions in their latest projects. This blend and compound wide reach opportunity holders is provincial time planned put together residential project situated with respect to an ideal place. The new housing project of Sheranwala is great for present day living and for the tip top society with the accompanying close by tourist spots:

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