system for the control of pet diets - Sisdiet Sisdiet is a system for the control of different diets sold in a pet store. It was made with a pretty friendly design.

The system has the following modules:

Customer Module: It will consist of a record and inventory of the client portfolio of the company, this will allow in the future to use this information for billing purposes, address control and telephone registration to send offers, or what the company consider it necessary to send your customers.

Pet Module: In this module you will have a record of all pets to which the company generates the diet. You can see the main characteristics such as race, measurements, weight, physical conditions, if you have any allergies to any vegetable or protein.

Food Module: It will allow to register the different proteins, and vegetables with which the company creates the diet for the pet. In addition to carrying the inventory of the amounts with the price so that the system indicates the amount that the client must pay at the moment of invoicing.

Diet Module: In this the system will perform the calculations of the diet, considering as the main premise that it should always be 70% protein and 30% vegetables, fruits or supplements.

Internally it is taken care of that total of proteins or vegetables, must add 70 or 30 respectively.

For the case of vegetables, if it is more than one, the division so that it adds up to 30% is strictly proportional, that is, selection 2, would be 15 and 15

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