Plugn for Instagram


Plugn improves the way you manage your Instagram accounts.

Convert your comments into profiles and conversations

Your comments for each customer are grouped together into a “conversation view”. You are now able to track all historical interactions with your customers using a familiar messaging interface. Never miss a comment again!

Internal notes to keep track of your customer details

Creating notes has never been this easy. Collaborate with your team to write internal notes about your customers.

Follow your curiosity

Want to know more about a comment? Utilize our infinite navigation. Tap on a comment to switch views and know more about its source.

Track agent activity and deleted comments

Your agents represent your brand. Gain insight on how your agents are performing by tracking their activities. Know who deleted which comment and when.

Daily snapshot and statistics

View a day by day snapshot of your Instagram metrics. Analyze trends and changes when it comes to your followers, the people you follow, and the media you’ve posted.

Manage your agents and protect your account

Invite agents to manage your Instagram account without sharing your password. Guard against hackers and other external threats.

One interface, multiple accounts

Manage as many Instagram accounts as you want, all from a single interface.

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