is a free service for travelers. Local experts from many cities are providing their lists of best places to visit, you pick places from their guides, put together your own lists, offline everything in a handy Android or iOS app and enjoy the place prepared navigating with a map which has all your points of interest.

Project got more than half a million users from all over the world. It was mentioned in New York Times, Forbes, TIME Magazine and Techcrunch. Apps were featured in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Technology stack is regular. On the server side it's:

  • MySQL
  • PHP on Yii 1.1 (no time to upgrade)
  • Apache as server, nginx as proxy
  • Redis for cache

On the client it's custom-coded jQuery based UI. TypeScript and LESS are used for it.

Everything time consuming is processed in background, UI inteacts with backend via async calls. API is used by mobile apps as well.